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since the china university of mining and technology (jiaozuo school of mining and mining) was founded in 1909, its mission was to train professionals for mining, metallurgy (materials) and railway. in more than 100 years, a large number of famous scientists have emerged, including prof. wenqi zhang, prof. ke rong, prof. changxu shi, prof. hengzhi fu, prof. huaming wang, prof. mingwei chen, as well as elites from all walks of life. in the new century, the china university of mining and technology has set up the school of materials science and engineering and the school of physics. to further strengthen the integration of science and technology and cultivate interdisciplinary talents, the two colleges were merged to form the school of materials and physics in november 2019. at present, the college has 2 national first-class undergraduate majors, 1 provincial first-class undergraduate major, and 1 new engineering major. in addition, it has 6 provincial-level teaching and research platforms and more than 10 university-level research platforms.

the college has more than 170 staff members at present, including more than 150 full-time teachers, 33 professors and special researchers, 63 associate professors, and 6 senior experimenters. many of the teachers have been supported by the national outstanding youth fund, the new century outstanding talents of the ministry of education, special professors of jiangsu province, the youth science and technology talent promotion project of the china association for science and technology, the humboldt fund of germany and other programs.

the college always adheres to the principle of educating people and focuses on improving students' scientific and technological innovation abilities through the first and second classes. teachers of the college have won more than 30 awards, including the national first prize and provincial special prize in the teaching competition for young teachers in universities. in the past five years, undergraduates have published more than 30 first-author sci papers in advanced materials, physical review b and other journals, and undertaken more than 100 national and provincial scientific research innovation training projects for college students. they have also won more than 200 prizes in extracurricular science and technology competitions above the provincial level, such as the national university student challenge cup, international mathematical modeling competition, international physics academic competition, and national university student metallographic skills competition. the study abroad rate of our students is more than 50%, and the employment rate is more than 95%.

the college actively carries out academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and constantly promotes the internationalization of education. it has established good academic relations and carried out extensive academic exchanges with mit, the university of queensland, the university of leeds, the university of nottingham, agh university of science and technology in poland, etc. in addition, the college has established a multi-system learning mechanism to train both undergraduate and graduate students.